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Treating People,

Not Just a Disease

By advancing an integrated care model that treats patients individually and holistically, DaVita aims to improve their total health and quality of life—not just replace kidney function. Our innovative clinical programs are aimed at coordinating all facets of kidney care to improve clinical outcomes while reducing healthcare costs. Our hope is that this approach—which addresses diet, patient education and safety, emotional support, infections and other considerations beyond dialysis treatment—will continue to set the standard for kidney care, because with better outcomes come reduced hospitalizations, healthier and happier patients and fewer unnecessary treatments. The savings that DaVita has generated for the American healthcare system through improved clinical outcomes exceeded our after-tax profits by approximately $204 million in 2013*.

The Transition to Dialysis

Photo: Finding What Fits

Finding What Fits

The decision of whether to continue working when starting dialysis can have a substantial impact on a patient’s health and quality of life. For patients who work or have other daytime obligations, DaVita offers in-center hemodialysis after business hours as well as home dialysis options that allow greater schedule flexibility and potentially better outcomes.

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Photo: Placing Fistulas Early

Placing Fistulas Early

Fistulas are the preferred form of vascular access because they are the least prone to infection and deliver the best dialysis treatment. Our fistula-adoption rate has improved by 102 percent since 2002. By the end of 2013, only 13 percent of patients on dialysis for 90+ days were using catheters.

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Photo: Clinical Innovation

Clinical Innovation

DaVita continuously launches new initiatives to help patients live fuller lives. This year, DaVita is shifting the quality paradigm in the care of patients with kidney disease. By taking a systematic approach to reducing hospitalizations and mortality while positively impacting the patient experience, DaVita is working to help patients achieve the highest possible health-related quality of life. This approach is represented in the DaVita Patient-Focused Quality Pyramid.

To “move up the pyramid,” we start with its foundation, which includes the management of basic clinical outcomes such as dialysis adequacy and nutrient levels. The next level focuses on fluid management, infection control, diabetes management, medication management and other complex clinical programs. Successfully addressing complex clinical outcomes will drive improvements in the primary factors related to quality of life: decreased mortality, fewer hospitalizations and a better patient experience.

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