DaVita Supports the Saudi Arabia Ministry of Health in Raising Kidney Disease Awareness on World Kidney Day

In observance of World Kidney Day (WKD) on March 13, 2015, DaVita Kidney Care encouraged Saudis to learn about their kidneys and potential risk factors associated with chronic kidney disease (CKD).

As part of a global effort to increase awareness of kidney disease, DaVita conducted free kidney disease screenings in Jeddah and Buraidah on WKD. Nearly 500 people visited DaVita's screening booths in three locations: Al Salaam Mall and Roshan Mall in Jeddah and Al Nakheel Mall in Buraidah.

"The prevalence of CKD in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia has grown at an alarming rate over the past three decades," said DaVita's Chief Medical Officer for Saudi Arabia, Abdulkareem Alsuwaida. "Education can be critical in preventing kidney disease and maintaining your health. That is why we are offering these screenings to our communities here."

In 2014, DaVita signed a tender with the Ministry of Health to treat 5,000 dialysis patients in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. DaVita will operate approximately 80 centers across the Kingdom over the next 3-5 years, working closely with the Ministry of Health to educate the community on kidney disease and to help improve the quality of life for those currently on dialysis.

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