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Support For People on Dialysis and Their Loved Ones

Where can I talk to other people on hemodialysis?

You can join an email list to talk to other kidney patients on hemodialysis. An email list means that when any member sends an email, everyone who is subscribed to the group receives it. (This can mean getting a lot of email). To get to the Dialysis Support group, go to: Yahoo Groups. Type: dialysis_support into the "search" box. Click on the link, then click the "Join this group" button.

Where can I talk to other people on peritoneal dialysis?

Because peritoneal dialysis (PD) is a type of home dialysis, you will not see fellow peritoneal dialysis (PD) patients in person on a regular basis the way people who go to in-center hemodialysis do. To talk to other patients on PD you can join an email list. This is like the hemodialysis email list, except the focus of this list is peritoneal dialysis. To subscribe to the CAPD-CCPD support group, go to: Yahoo Groups. Type: CAPD-CCPD into the "search" box. Click on the link, then click the "Join this group" button.

You can also go to the DaVita.com Discussion Forum where there are many discussion threads about a variety of kidney disease topics. From dialysis treatments to the kidney diet from lifestyle issues to caregiver concerns, the DaVita Discussion Forum offers a great opportunity to connect with people sharing your concerns.

Someone I care about needs dialysis but does not want it. What can I do?

Ask why they don’t want dialysis. People often believe they will have a poor quality of life “on a machine.” If many other illnesses are present, this may be true. Others find that with a trial period of dialysis for a month or two, they feel much better and can have a full and active life. Only the person who needs dialysis can decide what’s right for him or her, but it may help you both to talk to other people who are living with dialysis. Perhaps their doctor could help you arrange this.

What happens if I stop doing dialysis?

How long someone with kidney failure will live when they stop dialysis varies, but it’s often a few weeks or less. Death is usually painless, and medications can be given to ease the process. Hospice care, if it is available, can help you and your family through the process. The National Kidney Foundation has an excellent booklet you can read online called "Dialysis: Deciding to Stop."

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