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Slowing the Progression of Chronic Kidney Disease

Finding out you have chronic kidney disease (CKD) in the earlier stages of CKD may allow you to take action to slow the progression of kidney disease and prevent kidney failure. By controlling blood pressure, and blood sugar levels for those with diabetes, and making other healthy lifestyle choices, it may be possible to keep kidneys working. Learn how you can help slow the progression of kidney disease.

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Overview About Kidneys

Kidneys do a lot more than produce urine. These fist-sized, bean-shaped organs have a big responsibility in the body. Find out what they do and how they do their jobs.

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What to Eat When You Have Kidney Disease

Many medical professionals believe that diet plays a role in slowing the progression of kidney disease. Lower protein diets may help the kidneys because they won’t have to work so hard. Because healthy kidneys are responsible for eliminating potassium and phosphorus, as kidney function slows, these minerals may need to be reduced in the diet. Find out what to eat when you have kidney disease.

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New to Kidney Disease

If you are newly diagnosed with kidney disease, you may experience many difficult emotions. However, early stage kidney disease can be managed with medication, diet and lifestyle changes. By becoming proactive, learning about the disease and making healthy choices, you can help slow the progression of kidney disease.

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Lifestyle Choices for Those with Chronic Kidney Disease

Doctors, healthcare professionals, health magazine and online articles always speak to lifestyle choices; probably because these are the things we can control that may help us live a healthier life. For people with chronic kidney disease, there are lifestyle choices regarding diet, exercise and smoking that may help prevent kidney disease from advancing to kidney failure. There are also changes that may occur in the body due to chronic kidney disease. Learn what to expect and what can be done to feel your best with chronic kidney disease.

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How to Delay the Onset of Dialysis

While it is scary to be diagnosed with chronic kidney disease, the good news is, if you find out you have kidney disease early on there are steps you can take to help prolong kidney function and possibly prevent kidney failure so you won’t have to start dialysis. Find out what you can do to help delay the onset of dialysis.

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Definition, Causes and Symptoms of Chronic Kidney Disease

Looking for a quick, simple overview about some of the terms you may have heard your doctor say? Get the definition of chronic kidney disease, acute renal failure and other terms, find out who is most at risk of kidney disease, and see a list of the most common symptoms of kidney disease.

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