Home dialysis

Home dialysis is any method of dialysis that is done in your home. It offers a significant level of flexibility not possible at a dialysis center. As with in-center dialysis programs, home dialysis treatments are directed by a patient's physician and customized to meet individual needs. People on home dialysis maintain close relationships with their doctors and work closely with a health care team to monitor and oversee their ongoing care just as they would if they visited a dialysis center for their treatments.

There are two main types of home dialysis: home hemodialysis (HHD) and peritoneal dialysis (PD). During home hemodialysis, the blood is cleaned of waste products and extra fluids as it is pumped by a machine through a dialyzer or filter. Peritoneal dialysis filters and cleans the blood within the body rather than through an outside dialyzer. With peritoneal dialysis, the patient's abdomen is filled with a special solution called dialysate that helps remove waste and extra fluids from the blood. During the process known as an exchange, the solution is then drained from the abdomen, taking the waste with it.

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