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Research and Publications

 Research and Publications

For more than 20 years, nephrologists and other clinicians have partnered with DaVita Clinical Research® (DCR®) to conduct clinical trials, produce quality research, and deliver the best in patient care. DCR offers services across the spectrum of research, from designing the study protocols to final reporting and publication of the study results.
DCR is the world’s largest and highest-quality clinical data warehouse. Its network includes 127 active clinic practices, 1,600 dialysis centers, 125,000 patients and 400 principal investigators. DCR’s extensive database includes healthy, renal, and specialty patient populations, so new studies can get underway quickly—in 18 days or less.
DCR brings expertise to your Early Clinical Research (Phase I-IIb) with a hospital-based unit and on-site pharmacy. Clinical Development studies (Phase IIb-IV) are conducted with accuracy and consistency in DCR’s extensive coast-to-coast network of physicians, medical groups and dialysis centers. The DCR Central Laboratory excels in high-volume sample analysis, typically performing more than 144,000 tests daily on more than 59,000 samples.

Additionally, seasoned experts in DCR’s Health Economics team who understand what data are needed to support access, reimbursement, and utilization of new pharmacology or biotechnology can assist you in achieving a real and measurable impact on your business.

Once a study is completed, DCR’s Medical Communications group can assist you in the presentation and publication of the results. Publishing your data provides important new knowledge and innovative practices to the healthcare community, and allows the opportunity for peer review and discussion.

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