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Strategic Practice Solutions

Strategic Practice Solutions

Nephrology Practice Solutions (NPS) offers a variety of tools and services to position your practice for success, including governance and compensation planning, and market analysis and strategic plan development.

  • Governance is the systematic approach to the organization and management of your enterprise. It provides a sustainable business framework and comprehensive decision-making structure that allows change implementation when circumstances dictate. A good governance structure can also eliminate strained and sporadic communication that leads to discord, supporting practice prosperity and viability. To view the NPS Governance and Management Toolkit, click here.
  • Compensation Planning is aimed at determining a provider payment structure that is aligned with your practice's mission and vision. An important aspect of this process is evaluation of patient care scheduling methodology and inefficiencies to increase productivity.
  • Market Analysis and Strategic Plan Development is designed to help your practice respond to an evolving business environment. NPS can assist in identifying changing market dynamics and opportunities for market share increases or new revenue streams in the context of a broader practice vision. Upon analysis completion, a long-term strategy and implementation plan is developed.
  • Revenue cycle management services offered by Nephrology Practice Solutions (NPS) are intended to reduce administrative burden, enhance operational efficiencies and position your enterprise for success. It’s a complete solution, including:
    • Credentialing Services: Credentialing Services assist providers being able to deliver critical patient care services and receive appropriate payment for those services. Learn more about credentialing services.
    • Coding: Minimize compliance risk and billing errors by utilizing reviews and annual guideline update education performed by a Certified Professional Coder. Learn more about coding services.
    • Billing and Collection: The web-based billing and collection solution helps you to collect more of what you earn. Revenue capture is maximized through electronic claims processing, and the use of a powerful and continuously updated rules database that flags medical billing errors in real-time allowing for an exceptionally accurate claim submission rate.

Not sure if you need a complete revenue cycle solution? Individualized consulting services are available when a practice’s needs a precise focus, expertise or experience outside of what’s available in the normal practice, or when independent objectivity is called for. In fact, this is where most providers start.

A few examples of our consulting services include:

  • Revenue Cycle Assessment: This assessment is designed to evaluate core administrative processes and support functions, and analyze performance gaps that could be affecting your bottom line based on key financial practice metrics.
  • Coding Audits: Coding Audits evaluate the accuracy of current processes and mitigate compliance risk by evaluating whether the chart documentation reflects the depth of care provided.
  • ICD-10 implementation: ICD-10 implementation will result in moving from 10,000 codes to over 150,000 codes. NPS can help with the transition from ICD-9 codes by providing up-to-date medical coding tools and templates.
    • The Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) has put in place Recovery Audit Center (RAC) and Comprehensive Error Rate Testing (CERT) to evaluate the quality and accuracy of claims. These audits have regulatory and financial practice implications. NPS can help you better understand what these changes mean to your enterprise.
    • Cost Reduction and Overhead Analysis: Our analysis is intended to assess your practice's current situation compared to industry norms and best practices, and we can determine if the enterprise is positioned to achieve its goals.

Not sure where to start? Get in touch with NPS to request a Practice Assessment and see how your practice measures and receive recommendations and solutions for operation efficiency and effectiveness.

A Practice Assessment is a comprehensive diagnostic evaluation of a practice’s financial and operational health. The goal of the project is to help physicians achieve their business goals by first understanding their financial position. Practice strengths and weaknesses are uncovered. Major issues and opportunities are identified, assessed and quantified via benchmarking against industry norms. A performance improvement plan is developed to optimize efficiency and profitability, and have a tangible impact on the enterprise.

Give your business the attention it deserves. Call Nephrology Practice Solutions at 1-866-434-9029, email PracticeSolutions@DaVita.com  or contact us.  

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