Nutrients per serving

  • Calories  214
  • Protein  3 g
  • Carbohydrates  24 g
  • Fat  12 g
  • Cholesterol  26 mg
  • Sodium  196 mg
  • Potassium  139 mg
  • Phosphorus  40 mg
  • Calcium  8 mg
  • Fiber  0.6 g

Easy Phosphorus-Free Drop Biscuits

There are many foods that are restricted for those with kidney disease and on dialysis, but thanks to DaVita renal dietitian Mary from Kansas, her recipe for Homemade Phosphorus-Free Baking Powder has put foods such as her Easy Phosphorus-Free Drop Biscuits back on your menu.

Diet types:

  • CKD non-dialysis
  • Dialysis
  • Diabetes

Recipe submitted by DaVita renal dietitian Mary L. from Kansas.

Portions: 10 biscuits     Serving size: 1 biscuit


  • 2 cups all-purpose white flour
  • 1 tablespoon Homemade Phosphorus-Free Baking Powder (Recipe in Sauces and Seasonings section of
  • 2 teaspoons sugar
  • 1/4 teaspoon salt
  • 1/2 cup chilled unsalted butter, cut into small pieces
  • 1 cup liquid nondairy creamer


  1. Preheat oven to 450° F.
  2. In a large bowl, combine flour, phosphorus-free baking powder, sugar and salt.
  3. With a pastry blender or fork, cut the buuter into flour mixture until it resembles course crumbs. 
  4. Add nondairy creamer, 1/4 cup at a time, and mix lightly until moistened.
  5. Drop batter by the tablespoon onto a lightly greased baking sheet.
  6. Bake in the preheated oven until golden on the edges, about 8 to12 minutes.
  7. Serve warm.

Renal and renal diabetic food choices

  • 1-1/2 starch
  • 2 fat

Carbohydrate choices


Helpful hints

  • Cream of tartar is the potassium acid salt of tartaric acid, which is a by-product of wine making. One teaspoon contains 495 mg potassium. When using cream of tartar with baking soda to replace phosphorus containing baking powder, be aware the potassium content of food will be higher but phosphorus is much lower.  
  • Limit to one biscuit if you are on a low-potassium diet.





Biscuit made with low cream of tartar based leavening

196 mg

139 mg

40 mg

Biscuit made with regular phosphorus based baking powder

177 mg

40 mg

177 mg


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8 Comments | Average User Rating:

Easy Phosphorus-Free Drop Biscuits

suitor7 says:


made low cream of tartar based leavening biscuits and they taste great.

Nov. 07, 2014, 9:36 AM - Inappropriate review?

Easy Phosphorus-Free Drop Biscuits

Nuzbyone says:


The first time I tried making these I only had hazelnut coffee creamer on hand. This gave the biscuits a great flavor. Also spritzed on butter to add the golden glow.

Jan. 11, 2014, 11:27 PM - Inappropriate review?

Easy Phosphorus-Free Drop Biscuits

Nuzbyone says:


I didn't have plain coffee creamer so I used hazelnut creamer. It really added a great flavor to the biscuits. I also spritzed butter over the top of each before cooking. Very yummy overall.

Jan. 06, 2014, 10:48 PM - Inappropriate review?

Easy Phosphorus-Free Drop Biscuits

embrescia says:


I made these for the first time today. I used the conversion recipe for the baking soda. I got 12 biscuits not 10. I baked them on a baking stone, and cooked them more than 15 min (not too much more)-kept a close eye on them. I think they are lite and crispy and taste good. Worth having to save my health.

Oct. 20, 2013, 12:43 PM - Inappropriate review?

Easy Phosphorus-Free Drop Biscuits

billie410 says:


I cannot understand why I can't get any recipes to lower my potassium ! billie410

Sep. 15, 2013, 9:02 PM - Inappropriate review?

Easy Phosphorus-Free Drop Biscuits

JohnDunman says:


The biscuits were excellent, tasty, flaky, a bit crumbly but really tasty. I made the biscuits using same amount of 1 Tbsp.of regular BP. Was that the correct amount. I am on a low potassium diet. so couldn't use the cream of tartar. Dietitian comment: The regular baking powder is low in potassium but adds phosphorus. 1 tablespoon of double-acting aluminum sulfate baking powder adds 302 mg phosphorus. Double-acting straight phosphate baking powder adds 1370 mg phosphorus to the recipe. For a low phosphorus and low potassium biscuit try the recipe for Country Soda Biscuits.

Sep. 15, 2013, 3:34 PM - Inappropriate review?

Easy Phosphorus-Free Drop Biscuits

leigh561 says:


I agree they were very light and flaky, so the fell apart, but they tasted so good and didn't really need added butter.

Jan. 10, 2010, 4:03 PM - Inappropriate review?

Easy Phosphorus-Free Drop Biscuits

grogg2 says:


Made these & they tasted great. Only problem is that they were so light & flaky, they tended to fall apart if you tried to butter them. next time, will add a bit more flour.

Dec. 14, 2008, 12:09 PM - Inappropriate review?

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