Turkey Pot Pie by Mary Beth from Louisiana

When the weather gets cooler, our thoughts often turn to baking. And what could be tastier or easier to make for dinner than a turkey pot pie? By leaching the potatoes, even kidney patients can enjoy all of the traditional goodness of a pot pie made with turkey and veggies, baked up in a flaky homemade pie crust. Mary Beth from Louisiana offers a simple recipe that makes Turkey Pot Pie kidney-friendly.

A native New Yorker, Mary Beth attended Hunter College and Kansas University. She says it was the combination of food and science that drew her to dietetics. "As I pursued my training, I realized that I loved the medical aspect of dietetics." Mary Beth chose the renal field, because she likes the complexity and challenge inherent in the daily work of a renal dietitian. The most challenging aspect of her job is adapting the renal diet to the individual needs and lifestyles of her patients. 

Mary Beth finds satisfaction in working one-on-one with her low- and middle-income renal patients. "I have a positive approach and a you-can-do-this attitude," she explains. "I enjoy reviewing patient labs and seeing their pride when they achieve success." 

When it comes to the most important advice she shares with patients, it's all about following their diets. And if they don't? "Chronic non-adherence ultimately will cause health problems," Mary Beth states. 

One of the teaching tools Mary Beth uses is cooking demonstrations of patients' favorite foods. It's a good opportunity for her to make educating patients fun. "I often talk about new grocery or frozen food items that are renal-friendly. Sometimes I bring in samples or show them the item and where they can locate it," she says. 

Mary Beth has been with DaVita for 8 years and works in New Orleans. The clinic where she works had been in existence for 20 years, but her team recently moved to a new location, where Mary Beth is proud to have windows with a refreshing view.  Mary Beth is enthusiastic about her team and also about the people whom she serves. "NewOrleanians love to celebrate life," Mary Beth explains. "They are caring people who will willingly help anyone in need. Our team strives to give the best patient care – and we have fun doing it!" 

In an ironic twist of fate, Mary Beth is not only dispensing advice to patients, she now has to cook with the kidney diet at home. "Recently, my husband became a dialysis patient," Mary Beth relates. "I have had to walk the talk. I have faced many of the challenges experienced by my patients and their caretakers: craving of familiar foods, restaurant dining and holiday meals. This experience has allowed me to have a greater appreciation for their situations." 

Take it from DaVita dietitian Mary Beth from Louisiana: it is possible to eat well and feel good on the kidney diet! Check out her recipe for Turkey Pot Pie and get ready for the compliments at your own dinner table!


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