Maple Pancakes, Sour Cream Apple Bread, Golden Cornmeal Cookies and Soft Ginger Cookies by Maryam from Minnesota

If you crave the aroma and sensational taste of Sunday morning pancakes, look no further for a delicious, dialysis-friendly recipe.  Maryam, a DaVita dietitian from Minnesota, has a patient who is a former chef. “Chef Ronald has developed a few recipes for us that are kidney-friendly and incredibly delicious. His recipe for Maple Pancakes made with Coffee Rich® is awesome.”

While Maryam was always on a path toward becoming a dietitian, she focused on the renal field because of personal experience.  “My father was on dialysis for the last four months of his life.” Ultimately, her personal experience made her more empathic to her patients’ struggles. When it comes to working with her patients, Maryam acknowledges, “I have a friendly approach. My patients know I am here to help them, not to judge them.  I educate them on an ongoing basis and respect their choices.”

Maryam takes her work very seriously and has seen many success stories with patients who make an effort to follow their diets. “Being a dietitian, I can make a difference in people’s health as well as my own. The single most important thing patients can do to improve their health is to comply and adhere to recommendations,” advises Maryam.  

Communication is a two-way street with Maryam and her patients. “I look forward to see my patients and touch base with them. The best reward is to see our patients happy with our service and see their quality of life improving,” says Maryam.

She has found that listening carefully can make a huge difference. One of Maryam’s patients was having serious digestion problems and losing weight. “Her problem was only being addressed by medications,” states Maryam. “I checked and noticed her phosphorus was high. I realized I needed to change her phosphorus binder and educate her on renal diet. She improved after a few days and her osteodystrophy (bone health) outcomes also improved after a couple of weeks. She was happy as can be.” 

Maryam and her DaVita teammates are proud to have gained the trust of their patients. “By educating them on their diet and other renal care, we can improve their quality of life as well as their life expectancy,” shares Maryam, adding, “This makes a big difference in their lives and also the lives of their loved ones.”

Here are a few treats from Maryam’s patient, Chef Ronald, that will also make a difference for you and your loved ones. Give these delicious, sweet goodies a try. 


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