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A few small details can transform any recipe from a renal-diet disaster to a good choice. Take Sausage Noodle Casserole for instance. This recipe was the result of a “meeting of the minds” between Nevada renal patient AJ Arthur, and DaVita dietitian Anna. AJ and Anna knew that low-sodium pork sausage is available in many grocery stores. Comparing the sodium content of sausage is as easy as checking the nutritional information on each label and choosing the one with the lowest number. The second important thing they knew was that “No-Yolk” noodles are lower in cholesterol than regular egg noodles. Several brands are available under the names “No-Yolks” and Strom. With the combination of low-sodium sausage and “No Yolk” noodles, a potential diet disaster became a diet delight.