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Finding What Fits: Your Treatment Choices

One size does not fit all when it comes to treating kidney disease. Discover the treatment option that is right for your lifestyle.

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Majority of Nephrology Professionals Prefer Home Dialysis

In a recent survey, a majority of nephrology professionals said they would prefer dialyzing at home rather than in a center if they needed dialysis. Yet findings show that the vast majority of dialysis patients dialyze in a traditional setting, at a center. Learn why experts in the nephrology community say home dialysis is the treatment of choice, and see if this is an option you might consider as well.

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What Are My Dialysis Choices?

When people find out they need dialysis, they may not be aware that several types of dialysis are available to fit their health and lifestyle needs. If you just found out you need dialysis to treat kidney failure, or if you are on dialysis and would like to explore other modality options, learn more about the dialysis modalities and what each one may offer you.

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