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Tracey — DaVita RN

DaVita Registered Nurse, Tracey, herself a dialysis patient, talks about the benefits of in-center nocturnal dialysis.

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Sammie — In-Center Nocturnal Patient

DaVita In-Center Nocturnal Dialysis patient, Sammie, says nocturnal dialysis makes it possible for her to keep your job and her hobby of playing music.

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Paola — In-Center Nocturnal Patient

DaVita In-Center Nocturnal Dialysis patient, Paola, is thrilled to be able to work full time and have her insurance benefits because she switched to nocturnal dialysis. Dialyzing at night freed up her days to work and the extended treatment at night has helped her to feel better, too.

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Oscar — In-Center Nocturnal Patient

DaVita In-Center Nocturnal Dialysis patient, Oscar, enjoys having his days free to work and play bass. He also enjoys the health benefits nocturnal dialysis gives him.

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Liz — DaVita RN

DaVita In-Center Nocturnal Dialysis nurse, Liz, reports that her patients' health and lifestyle have improved after beginning in-center nocturnal dialysis. Liz enjoys working with her nocturnal dialysis patients and is encouraged by how well they are doing on the treatment.

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Julie — DaVita Social Worker

DaVita In-Center Nocturnal Dialysis social worker, Julie, says that her noctunal patients have a renewed zest for living thanks to the treatment schedule that gives them free days to do what makes them happy.

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Jonathan — In-Center Nocturnal Patient

DaVita In-Center Nocturnal Dialysis patient, Jonathan, says he loves his new nocturnal dialysis schedule because he enjoys having his days free. He also feels more energetic and says his doctor has reduced his blood pressure medicine due to how well he's doing on nocturnal dialysis.

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James and Gene — In-Center Nocturnal Patients

DaVita In-Center Nocturnal patients, James and Gene, are twin brothers who agree that nocturnal dialysis makes it possible to spend time with their families and live active, normal lives.

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James — In-Center Nocturnal Patient

DaVita In-Center Nocturnal Dialysis patient, James, was glad to find a nocturnal program in Houston, TX because he enjoys the extra energy nocturnal dialysis gives him.

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Dr. John Faircloth — In-Center Nocturnal Patient

Dr. John Faircloth is enjoying having more free time during his days thanks to in-center nocturnal dialysis.

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Dottie — In-Center Nocturnal Dialysis Patient

DaVita In-Center Nocturnal Dialysis patient, Dottie, is a social butterfly who loves having her days free to do activities with her friends at her senior residence. Dottie appreciates the nocturnal dialysis schedule because being active and having fun with her friends is very important to her.

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Donavon — In-Center Nocturnal Patient

DaVita In-Center Nocturnal Dialysis patient, Donavon, says nocturnal dialysis gives him the time and energy to teach full time, as well as coach multiple sports.

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Anna — In-Center Nocturnal Patient

DaVita In-Center Nocturnal Dialysis patient, Anna, says she feels better all around now that she dialyzes overnight.

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Nocturnal Dialysis: A Better Way to a Healthy Life

Nephrologist, Dr. Robert Provenzano, discusses the benefits of nocturnal dialysis and why he believes more dialysis is a better way to a healthy life.

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All About In-Center Nocturnal Dialysis

In-center nocturnal dialysis is a hemodialysis option to replace renal function for people with kidney failure, also known as end stage renal disease. When dialyzing for 6 to 8 hours while they sleep, many people find they feel better and enjoy a better quality of life. DaVita offers an In-Center Nocturnal Dialysis Program in select markets across the United States.

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A Doctor's Overview of Nocturnal Dialysis

Dr. Linda Francisco is a nephrologist in Wichita, Kansas. She has been prescribing in-center nocturnal dialysis for some of her hemodialysis patients. Dr. Francisco writes about lifestyle and outcome benefits that she has observed with her in-center nocturnal dialysis patients.

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In-Center Nocturnal Dialysis and Your Kidney Diet

In-center nocturnal dialysis is hemodialysis performed in a dialysis center during the night while patients sleep. People on in-center nocturnal dialysis may have different diets than people on traditional in-center hemodialysis because nocturnal dialysis is generally done for a longer treatment time. Learn more about the in-center nocturnal dialysis diet.

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Nocturnal Hemodialysis

Nocturnal hemodialysis is a dialysis treatment option that people perform at night for approximately eight hours while they sleep. More dialysis centers are now offering nocturnal dialysis as a treatment option. Learn about nocturnal hemodialysis to see if it's right for you.

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