James — In-Center Nocturnal Patient

Texas — A refugee from Hurricane Katrina, James learned about DaVita’s Houston in-center nocturnal dialysis program while temporarily housed at the Houston convention center after the hurricane. James, who has been on dialysis for the last 22 years, had been reaping the benefits of nocturnal hemodialysis treatment at a center in New Orleans, but didn’t know where he could go for nocturnal treatments in Houston.

“Houston is so large and overwhelming compared to New Orleans,” he said. “I didn’t have any transportation, and I didn’t know where I could continue the nocturnal dialysis. Thankfully, I learned about DaVita and have been going there since May 2004. I love the nocturnal program. I wouldn’t want to go back on regular dialysis.”

Over the years, James tried home dialysis, conventional hemodialysis and has been the recipient of two kidney transplants. The former owner of a cafeteria in New Orleans, he had to sell the business in 1985 when he began to feel progressively worse.

Today, despite circulation problems and the amputation of a toe, James finds he has significantly more stamina due to the nocturnal dialysis treatments than he previously did. 

“My body is so used to nocturnal dialysis that if I try to do regular dialysis, it is not good for me,” he said. “I certainly have more energy. I still get tired a lot since I constantly have blockages with my poor circulation in my legs. But that doesn’t stop me from getting around. I still am able to do everything I need to do,” shares James.


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