Sammie — In-Center Nocturnal Patient

Texas — Kidney disease runs in Sammie’s family. The 35-year-old Houston resident’s mother, brother and sister all are on dialysis. So it came as no surprise five years ago when Sammie herself needed to start dialysis treatments.  She began doing conventional four-hour hemodialysis at a DaVita center, but it left her tired and listless.

“I heard about DaVita’s in-center nocturnal dialysis program through a friend who was on hemodialysis at another center,” she said. “I called the dialysis center, got more information about the nocturnal program and signed up.”

That was in October 2007. Today, Sammie has the free time during the day, as well as the energy she needs, to write and perform her music, something that was a challenge for her before switching to the nocturnal program.

“I like to play gospel music, inspirational and jazz,” she said. “I work at the Encore Theatre in Houston and do the music for the shows.”

A major benefit is that Sammie feels much better with the nocturnal dialysis.

“After the conventional four hours, I felt like I was dead. It was a little different getting used to sitting longer for nocturnal dialysis, but the hemodialysis machine’s pump speed is not as fast during nocturnal so it makes the whole process more comfortable. Now, I go home afterward, lay down for a couple of hours and have more energy for a couple of days afterward. Plus, my lab results are better and the in-center nocturnal dialysis program helps to clean more of my blood.”

In fact, Sammie has experienced such a change in her energy levels that she’s considering resuming her studies to earn a bachelor’s degree in music. She’s also recommended DaVita’s in-center nocturnal dialysis program to her sister.

“She does conventional dialysis at the same center, and she’s seen how I’ve benefited from nocturnal dialysis. She’s looking into the program, too.”


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