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STEP 1: Feel Well Enough to Work

There are some great ways to keep yourself feeling positive enough to work while on dialysis. First, learn as much as you can about kidney disease, dialysis and how to treat symptoms. Second, understand the kidney diet. Making healthy choices will help you feel more in control of your health and keep you in shape for work.

Attend a DaVita Kidney SmartSM Class

In the classroom or online, DaVita Kidney Smart provides the information you need to take control of your kidney health. Learn about:

  • How kidneys function and the common causes of chronic kidney disease (CKD)
  • How medications and diet work together to keep you healthy
  • What potential treatment choices are available to you

Sign up for a class near you at DaVita.com/KidneySmart or call 1-888-695-4363.

Get to Know Your Kidney Diet

Following a kidney-friendly diet can be tricky, but doing so can help you feel healthier and stronger and may delay kidney failure. That’s why it’s important to meet your nutritional needs as part of your treatment plan. The DaVita Diet HelperTM, the online meal planner, helps people in the later stages of kidney disease understand and stick to their kidney-friendly diets.
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Manage Your Anemia

If you are feeling tired and weak, you may have anemia. It is caused by decreased red blood cells in your body and is common in people with CKD. Controlling it can provide the energy you need to stay on the job. Take these steps now to get ahead of anemia:

  1. Talk with your doctor
    • Get tested for anemia and identify your target hemoglobin range
    • Ask about treatment options for anemia
  2. Get involved in your treatment
    • Know your hemoglobin and iron levels
    • Track how you feel as your levels change

Learn more about anemia management »

Steps to Take Now

  1. Check Off Your List

    Get a "Working with Kidney Disease" Checklist

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  2. Get Kidney SmartSM

    Find an instructor-led kidney disease education class near you.

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  3. Talk to a Patient Advocate

    Have questions? Call 1-888-405-8803.

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