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Vively Health
Providing house calls to help people better manage their chronic conditions.

DaVita Integrated Kidney Care
Providing integrated care to help people better manage their kidney disease.

DaVita Venture Group
Investing in, developing and launching products, solutions and businesses that improve patient care.

DaVita Clinical Research®
Conducting clinical trial services across the spectrum of pharmaceutical and medical device development since 1985.

DaVita Physician Solutions
A nephrology-specific Electronic Health Record (EHR) to help increase practice efficiencies and enhance the quality of patient care.

Corporate Responsibility

Take a closer look at our Trilogy of Care—caring for our patients, caring for each other and caring for our world.

DaVita Careers

Whether caring for patients or supporting teammates from a corporate office, join the 55,000 teammates who are building a career at DaVita.