• DaVita Integrated Kidney Care

    Delivering Holistic, Value-Based Care to Patients
    Across the Kidney Disease and Treatment Continuum

  • DaVita Integrated Kidney Care

    Delivering Holistic, Value-Based Care to Patients
    Across the Kidney Disease and Treatment Continuum

Transforming Kidney Care

DaVita Integrated Kidney Care1 (DaVita IKC) is the country’s largest kidney care provider accredited by the National Committee for Quality Assurance (NCQA). We provide comprehensive chronic care management to patients nationwide. Our programs operate under two brands, DaVita® IKC and VillageHealth®, to help patients who are in the early stages of kidney disease, transitioning to dialysis and/or seeking a transplant.


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Health Plans

Discover how our high-quality integrated care, dialysis, in-home and acute programs could benefit your members.

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Together, nephrologists and DaVita IKC help to provide preventative care and improve health outcomes for patients who have kidney disease.

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We pair patients with a care team that supports their individual health care needs and helps them get more from services already covered by their insurance.

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Delivering Holistic Care Across the Kidney Care Continuum

The DaVita IKC team collaborates with nephrologists and other health care providers to support patients in meeting their overall health goals, and focuses on keeping patients healthy and out of the hospital. We deliver on this vision by providing coordinated care that helps avoid hospitalizations and delay chronic kidney disease (CKD) progression; assists with a smooth transition from CKD to end stage kidney disease (ESKD) (if needed); and empowers those with ESKD to choose their optimal modality for successful treatment. In addition to supporting patients in the key care transitions, the IKC teams are an ongoing resource to support patients in helping navigate the broader health care system.

Predictive analytics for early patient identification, timely intervention and proactive care management to help delay CKD progression

Patient education helps patients manage their health and determine the modality that best fits their lifestyle, including home dialysis and transplant

Care coordination to help patients schedule appointments, access resources and find support

Active collaboration between nephrologists and care teams to provide holistic patient care

Collaborating with DaVita IKC

DaVita IKC’s payment models include shared savings, fully delegated value-based and traditional fee-for-service arrangements operating programs under the DaVita IKC and and VillageHealth brands.

DaVita IKC’s approach is proven to reduce the total cost of care, demonstrated by a $23M cost reduction and 19% addressable cost savings in eight years2. Value-based kidney care arrangements have shown an improvement to clinical outcomes and the overall patient experience.

Offering Personalized Care

“I believe that DaVita IKC is not just an organization that is focused on the disease itself. They’re focused on the person. They made it personal, and that made things much easier for me to get through.”
–Sherrie, DaVita IKC patient

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If you are a health plan, physician or hospital interested in collaborating with DaVita Integrated Kidney Care*, email Partnerships@davita.com.

For Patients

Learn more about how our integrated care team can help you. Simply call 1-833-IKC-DAVITA (TTY 711) for DaVita IKC, and 1-800-767-0063 (TTY 711) for VillageHealth.

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(1) DaVita Integrated Kidney Care (“DaVita IKC”) is the integrated care division DaVita Kidney Care with programs operating under the DaVita® and VillageHealth® brands for Total Renal Care, Inc. and VillageHealth DM, LLC, respectively. (2) Clinical metrics tracked by DaVita IKC. admission and cost metrics based on claims data.