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DaVita proudly provides life-saving kidney care for more than 200,000 patients—but we’re more than just a dialysis provider. At DaVita, we’re helping lead the way in kidney care and raising the bar for the rest of the health care industry to provide patients with the high-quality, affordable care they deserve.

Home Dialysis

DaVita has the largest population of patients on home dialysis in the U.S. (1)

>1.7 Million DaVita Patients

34,000 lives were saved through dialysis industry innovations from 2005 to 2015.(2)

Kidney Smart Classes


Improving Quality of Life for Thousands

Our goal is to give kidney patients more moments with their loved ones while still getting the life-saving treatment they need.

To that end, DaVita has 1,500 home dialysis centers in the U.S. that support more than 25,000 patients who dialyze at home. Patients who perform peritoneal dialysis (PD) at home may have fewer hospitalizations4, lower Medicare costs5 and better transplant outcomes.6

DaVita is making significant investments in innovations for patients who dialyze at home:

  • Interactive therapy education—Engaging educational content for all patients to support active, informed modality choice
  • Remote patient management—In-home technologies that keep patients connected to their nurse on a daily basis and provide enhanced clinical support
  • Simpler home dialysis starts—High-touch support to help patients have a smooth start on home dialysis
  • Virtual care delivery—Tools to enable care delivery to patients without a visit to the clinic

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2005-2015 Mortality Graph

Saving Lives through Innovation

The kidney care industry has significantly improved length and quality of life in dialysis patients through innovations in care delivery. Because of these improvements, mortality rates decreased by 21 percent from 2005 to 2015.2 This decrease leads among other disease states such as cancer, diabetes and congestive heart failure.7,8

2005-2015 Mortality Improvement
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Educating Patients

At DaVita, we know that educating patients about chronic kidney disease, from diet and nutrition to modality and transplant options, can make an incredible impact on their quality of life and, ideally, help slow the progression to dialysis. In 2012, we launched Kidney Smart®, a no-cost, comprehensive and interactive kidney education program. Kidney Smart is a community resource and has educated more than 160,000 people since its inception.5 Attending a Kidney Smart class has led to positive outcomes for many patients:

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To learn more about innovations in the kidney care industry and at DaVita, contact us at innovation@davita.com.

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