• Integrated Kidney Care

    How We Help You Fill the Gaps Between Doctor Visits

  • Integrated Kidney Care

    How We Help You Fill the Gaps Between Doctor Visits

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For 20 years, DaVita Integrated Kidney Care (DaVita IKC) has provided patients with end-stage kidney disease (ESKD) and their care partners support from a team of nurse practitioners, nurses, care coordinators, physicians and more. DaVita IKC also has a program called VillageHealth, which provides this same support to patients who are in the earlier stages of chronic kidney disease or who do not dialyze with DaVita.

Our goal is to help you focus on what matters most to you — so you can live life to the fullest.

If you are currently participating in a DaVita IKC program and have questions, please call 1-833-IKC-DAVITA. If you participate in a VillageHealth program, please call 1-800-767-0063 (TTY: 711). 

If you are wondering if you are eligible for DaVita IKC or VillageHealth services, please contact your health insurance or talk to your doctor.

How DaVita IKC and VillageHealth Can Help You

DaVita IKC and VillageHealth’s team of health professionals work closely with your doctors to understand your care plan. We help you stay on top of the little and not-so-little things, so you are spending less time trying to coordinate your health needs.

4 Important Benefits of Integrated Care

DaVita IKC and VillageHealth care for more than 27,000 patients each month. Here are a few ways our care teams can help make your life easier.

More Coordination

Your integrated care team will share health updates with your other doctors to keep them informed of your health.

Yearly Checkups

We will help you get the right care by doing yearly evaluations, in addition to regular calls, to make sure all health issues are being addressed.

Timely Care

We will work to address your health concerns earlier to help keep you healthy and out of the hospital.

Personalized Education

Your integrated care team can answer your questions about insurance, medicines and more, and provide information about topics that are important to you and your health.

What You Can Expect

With DaVita IKC and VillageHealth, you’re not just another patient. You have unique health needs, and we are committed to looking at everything that may impact your health, so that we can get you the best care possible.

Find Out about Insurance Resources

A personalized care plan, including help with common conditions such as diabetes, heart disease and high blood pressure, diet and nutrition and/or organizing and tracking immunizations and medications.

Meet Your Kidney Health Care Team

To be treated like a person, not a number. Your integrated care team will have regular check-ins with you to really get to know you and understand your concerns.

Take a Kidney Disease Education Class

To become knowledgeable about your kidney disease treatment options—from home dialysis to transplant—with the help of your care team so you find the treatment that best fits your lifestyle.

Meet Your Kidney Health Care Team

24/7 access to your integrated kidney care team without waiting for specific office hours.


If you are participating in a DaVita IKC program and have questions, please call 1-833-IKC-DAVITA. If you are currently participating in VillageHealth, please call 1-800-767-0063.

Are you eligible?

If you are wondering if you are eligible for DaVita IKC or VillageHealth services, please contact your health insurance or talk to your doctor.

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Q: How do I know if DaVita IKC or VillageHealth is a part of my insurance benefits?

A. If you have kidney disease and are a member of a participating health plan or accountable care organization (ACO), you may be eligible. Many health insurance companies include this program in their benefits. To see if you are eligible for this program as part of your insurance benefits, call the phone number on the back of your insurance card. You can also ask your kidney doctor if it is an option for you or look at your insurance plan to see if it is a part of your benefits.

Q: How do I connect with DaVita IKC or VillageHealth if it is part of my benefits?

A. Call 1-833-IKC-DAVITA for DaVita IKC or 1-800-767-0063 (TTY: 711) for VillageHealth to get started.

Q: What should I expect during the first call once eligibility has been confirmed?

A. In your first call, you will talk to an engagement specialist who will explain the program and get to know you and your health goals. We want to understand your needs and how we can help.

Q: What will happen after the first call?

A. After the first call, we will work with your doctors to learn more about your health and care plan and follow up with you to make sure you get what you need from the program.

Q: Do I have to pay anything to participate in an IKC program?

A. No. If your insurance or doctor partner with DaVita IKC or VillageHealth, the programs are available at no extra cost to you.

Q: Will I still be able to see the same doctor?

A. Yes, your care team will work with you and your current providers.

Q: Will the program affect my eligibility to receive a kidney transplant?

A. No. If you are currently on the transplant waitlist, we encourage you to complete the testing necessary to remain active on the transplant list. In fact, your care team can help answer questions and provide tips to keep you on track to be transplant eligible.

Q: When should I call my DaVita IKC or VillageHealth nurse?

A. Call your nurse when you have questions about your health, medicines, foods, treatment choices, or care plans and/or you want to know more about a health condition (diabetes, high blood pressure, the kidneys) and general medical care. Your nurse is also a good resource for questions about navigating your benefits. You can also call your nurse if you are in a situation where you don’t feel well and need help (non-emergency), can’t get to dialysis, or are going to the hospital. Finally, you can ask your nurse for help scheduling vaccinations and routine checkups. Call 1-833-IKC-DAVITA any time to reach your DaVita IKC care team or 1-800-767-0063 (TTY: 711) to reach your VillageHealth care team.

Q: What do I do in an emergency?

A. If you are experiencing urgent medical conditions and it is an emergency, dial 9-1-1 and get help at the nearest hospital. After you get treatment, you can reach your DaVita IKC care team by calling 1-833-IKC-DAVITA or your VillageHealth care team by calling 1-800-767-0073 (TTY: 711).