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DaVita HealthCare Partners:

A Community First and a Company Second

1 in 10 U.S. adults has kidney disease* and most don't know it. Awareness can keep more people off dialysis**
DaVita Village Network
Teammates donating through the DaVita Way of Giving
Our teammates worked democratically to name our company and determine our core values.

Our Trilogy of Care Comes Full Circle

As a leader in healthcare, we believe that not only should we do well, we should also do good. ‭Every segment of our Village, encompassing ‭DaVita Kidney Care, HealthCare Partners, Paladina Health and our international kidney ‭care centers, works hard to provide exceptional care for our patients, support the development of our teammates (employees) and partners, and bring resources and care to the communities where we operate around the globe.

Our corporate social responsibility (CSR) extends far beyond the walls of our business offices, coordinated care clinics and ‭kidney care centers. It sends ripples throughout ‭our Village, to patients, teammates and their families, and is what makes us a community ‭first and a company second. DaVita’s Trilogy of Care—Caring for Our Patients, Caring for Each ‭Other and Caring for Our World—is how we define our approach to CSR, which has resulted in industry-leading clinical outcomes, innovative ‭philanthropic endeavors and a sharp focus on ‭sustainability and the environment.

Improving Health

Improving Health

DaVita aims to improve quality of life through an integrated approach that cares for people, not just their conditions.

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Teammates Thrive

Helping Teammates Thrive

Our leadership development and support programs help us honor what we value most in our teammates.

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Engaging Communities

Engaging Communities

As we expand at home and abroad, we are committed to nurturing new neighborhoods by giving back and behaving responsibly.

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DaVita and the GRI Index

You can find examples of how DaVita follows the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) framework's guidelines by clicking on the links below.

Governance, Commitments and Engagement
Labor Practices and Decent Work
Human Rights
Product Responsibility

Our Commitment to Our Patients,
Each Other & Our World

Our patients, teammates and community partners inspire us to do great work in pursuit of improving their health and lives. As a leading provider of kidney care services, DaVita aims to:

  • Improve patients’ quality of life
  • Innovate and add value to kidney care by
    • Raising awareness
    • Helping prevent or delay kidney failure
    • Increasing access to care
  • Be a healthcare role model by
    • Developing systems for improvement and savings
    • Advancing integrated care
    • Providing personalized care teams
  • Send out ripples of our community philosophy by
    • Establishing charitable initiatives
    • Creating sustainable change
    • Promoting leadership development