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Improving Lives,


At DaVita, environmental stewardship is ingrained in our business practices. We aggressively pursue solutions that reduce our environmental footprint without compromising patient care. Each year, our teammates raise the bar for conservation, stewardship and sustainability measures in our now nearly
3,000 dialysis facilities and offices.

Reducing Our Footprint

Improving Water Efficiency photo

Improving Water Efficiency

Water is an extremely valuable resource and one that is used extensively in the dialysis process. Our biomedical team is working on a multiple-phase project to optimize the amount of water used in the dialysis process. In 2015, the average dialysis center used 30 percent fewer gallons of water per treatment compared to 2010.

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Building Green Centers

DaVita dialysis centers built in 2015 were our newest and greenest yet, featuring LED lighting, energy- and water-efficient equipment, and
local materials.

Our Environmental Commitment

Our Environmental Commitment

DaVita believes in the connection between a healthy environment, and the health of our patients and teammates. We implement programs that aim to mitigate climate change, reduce our negative environmental impact, promote stewardship, and spread positive ripples throughout our centers and offices around the world.

“Our business decisions must serve the best interest of the patient while accepting and acknowledging responsibility for our environmental impact,” said Kent J. Thiry, Chairman and CEO, DaVita. “By balancing the two, we can give life to both.”

Village Green, DaVita’s sustainability team, in collaboration with many other teams, works to position DaVita as an environmental leader among healthcare providers by providing high-impact, measurable and fun programs for our more than 64,000 teammates of the DaVita Village. We continually teach our teammates about sustainability and how to be environmentally sensitive while they care for our patients, each other and the world.

DaVita is committed to integrating sustainability into best practices, engaging stakeholders in our decisions, implementing progressive green policies and procedures, and holding ourselves accountable with environmental metrics without sacrificing our Core Value of Service Excellence or clinical outcomes.

Since the inception of Village Green in 2007, the Village has made significant strides toward accomplishing our goal to be a leader in sustainable healthcare. DaVita formalized its environmental commitment in 2010 and in 2011, and nearly 2,000 teammates voted to determine DaVita’s 2015 Environmental Goals. We made great progress toward realizing those goals to help reduce our environmental impact. See the results of our 2015 goals in the box to the right.

Teammates from across the country and across several teams came together in April 2015 for a Sustainability Summit to brainstorm ideas for our next set of environmental goals. The final product, our 2020 Environmental Goals (access them here), are focused on the key areas of energy, water, waste, buildings and supply chain.

Our aggressive Environmental Goals speak to our philosophy and Core Value of Continuous Improvement. We cannot achieve these goals without the collaboration and passion of our teammates across the country. As our sustainability program continues to grow and evolve along with our Village, one thing will never waver—our commitment to environmental leadership.