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Improving Lives

The Kidney Care and HealthCare Partners divisions of DaVita HealthCare Partners ‭together support more than 1 million ‭primary and specialty care patients through an integrated care model that focuses on the whole patient, not just the disease. Our innovative clinical programs help to coordinate ‭all facets of health, including diet, medications, ‭patient education and emotional support to ‭improve clinical outcomes, reduce healthcare costs and enhance patient quality of life.

Integrated Care Integrated Care

By advancing an integrated care model that cares for patients’ unique health conditions individually and holistically, DaVita works to improve patients’ total health and quality of life—not just treat their condition.

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Photo: Innovation & Taxpayer Savings

Innovation & Taxpayer Savings

We and our physician partners take an innovative approach that fosters superior clinical outcomes, reduces avoidable hospitalizations and is estimated to have saved U.S. taxpayers millions
of dollars.*

Empower Patients photo

Empowering Patients

DaVita strives to help patients stay informed, stay active, take control of their health and make choices that enrich their lives. In 2014, and its tools became mobile friendly to help people manage their diet and health on the go.

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National Adult and Influenza Immunization Summit
National Adult and Influenza Summit Immunization Excellence

DaVita was named the 2014 Immunization Excellence award national champion in the healthcare personnel campaign category.

National Health Information Awards Winner
National Health Information Awards

In 2014, DaVita earned a bronze award for the Patient Pathways Navigator Book.

Award logo: The Joint Commission Accreditation
Joint Commission Accreditation

As the only accredited provider, we are setting the standard for quality in-patient kidney care.

Treating our patients like family

Treating Our Patients Like Family

Making our patients feel like members of our community while dialyzing helps improve their healthcare experience and, we hope, their quality of life. To foster a friendly and supportive environment in our centers, our teammates created programs that honor the unique individuals we serve. Hundreds of centers have each crafted an elaborate Wall of Fame, which showcases patients’ and teammates’ pictures and fun facts to help them get to know each other better, have some fun and show their creativity.

To comfort the families of critically ill and deceased patients, the DaVita Circle of Life program helps address life-planning and end-of-life issues, and memorializes patients who have passed locally and nationally. The program also celebrates babies that are born into the DaVita Village.