• American Cuisine

  • American Cuisine

American cuisine covers a wide range of foods, from backyard favorites such as hamburgers and coleslaw, to classics like steak and salad bar. See what to limit and what a healthier choice is.

Healthier Choices

Sauce, gravy and salad dressing on the side.

Grilled, baked or broiled fish, chicken and lean steaks

Steamed shrimp or other shellfish

Tuna, egg salad, roast beef, turkey and chicken sandwiches made with lettuce, onion, mayonnaise or mustard

Egg dishes made with egg or egg whites , without cheese or salty breakfast meats

Pasta dishes with red or white sauce on the side

Salad bar - Go for lettuce and other fresh vegetables included in your meal plan, and go light on the dressings; no cheese, olives or other pickled vegetables

Steamed or raw vegetable sides, or a baked white or sweet potato if potassium is not restricted

Rice or noodles instead of potatoes if you follow a low-potassium diet

Coleslaw or 1/2 ear corn on the cob instead of baked beans

Water, fresh-made lemonade, ginger ale, lemon-lime soda, brewed tea or coffee

Choose Sparingly

Bread - You can easily consume excess sodium and calories before you've even ordered your meal.

Salads with ingredients high in sodium, phosphorus or potassium from foods such as cheese, bacon, olives, nuts or beans

Soups - high in sodium, counted as liquid if fluids are restricted (TIP: Choose salad instead or have only a few spoonful's for taste)

Fatty cuts of meat, such as prime rib, rib eye, porterhouse or T-bone

Breaded fried foods, including vegetables, appetizers and entrées

Chicken wings - Just a few buffalo wings can have over 600 calories and 500 mg of sodium

Ketchup, tomato sauce and tomato soup are high in potassium  and sodium

Check Your Food's Nutrients

Look up nutrient data for thousands of foods. See the ingredient list for brand name items to find phosphate additives.

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