• Convenience Store

  • Convenience Store

When buying food at convenience stores, be sure to check the ingredients list for sodium levels and hidden phosphorus such as phosphoric acid and calcium phosphate.

Healthier Choices

Cereal cup with small amount of milk or milk alternative

Plain, lemon or blueberry muffin or bagel with cream cheese

Hard-boiled eggs, egg sandwich on a croissant or English muffin, without cheese and high sodium meat such as ham, bacon and sausage

Energy bars such as Power Crunch, Premier Protein, Pure Protein, Zone Perfect or other bars recommended by your dietitian

Small container of Greek yogurt

Snack pack of baby carrots

Fresh fruit and fruit cups with fruit included on your meal plan

Tuna in a pouch or pull-top can

Wraps and sandwiches such as egg salad, tuna salad, turkey or roast beef

Hamburger or grilled chicken sandwich

Salads with limited amount of dressing

Low-salt pretzels or rice cakes

Coffee, tea, lemonade, water, sparkling water and soda - Check all beverages and avoid those with phosphate additives; select smaller beverages if you are limiting fluids

Choose Sparingly

Items that have cheese, milk, beans, nuts or phosphate additives - Check the ingredient list

Cheese is usually processed (TIP: Remove from sandwiches and burgers to reduce sodium and phosphorus)

Jerky and meat sticks - Very high in sodium

Nuts and seeds or trail mix - High in potassium and phosphorus, often salted

Vegetable and fruit juices that are high in potassium

Pizza with high-sodium meats such as ham, pepperoni and sausage; extra cheese or extra tomato sauce

Hoagies and other hot, melt-type sandwiches made with cheese and processed meat - Adds sodium and phosphorus

Soup and ramen noodle cups - High in sodium

Check Your Food's Nutrients

Look up nutrient data for thousands of foods. See the ingredient list for brand name items to find phosphate additives.

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