• Deli Counter

  • Deli Counter

Picking up a salad or sandwich from your local deli? Consider these recommendations for bread, meats, salad dressings, cheeses and more.

Healthier Choices

Whole grain or white breads; flat bread for wraps

Lean meats such as turkey breast, chicken and roast beef

Steamed shrimp or other shellfish

Vegetables to complement your sandwich, such as lettuce, onion, bell pepper and cucumber slices

Vegetable salads (small) with vinegar or mustard-based dressings on the side

Veggie sandwich with only one slice of cheese, if any

Brewed tea, fresh-made lemonade or water

6-inch sub sandwiches to limit sodium from bread and sandwich fillings

Choose Sparingly

Natural cheeses such as Swiss and mozzarella instead of processed cheese such as American

Avoid potato chips; limit salty snacks if unsalted snacks are unavailable 

Fattier high-sodium meats such as salami, bologna, olive loaf, pepperoni and bacon 

Cheese breads

Soups are high in sodium 

Beverages such as cola, soda and tea with phosphate additives (check ingredients) 

One thin slice of tomato, if any, for low potassium plans 

Check Your Food's Nutrients

Look up nutrient data for thousands of foods. See the ingredient list for brand name items to find phosphate additives.

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