• Indian Cuisine

  • Indian Cuisine

When enjoying Indian cuisine, be aware of high sodium content in some curries and soups. Instead, opt for vegetable-based dishes and lean meats.

Healthier Choices

Breads such as Chapati, roti, papadum (not fried) and naan 

Lean meats such as chicken, seafood or lean cuts of beef 

Vegetable- based dishes such as vegetable cutlets, made with lower potassium veggies 

Curries made without coconut milk, are made with fish or seafood, tofu, chicken or lean meat and vegetables that are included in your meal plan

Tandoori vegetables, tikka kabob dishes and dhals without cream (TIP: Vegetarians may include lentils as a replacement for meat)

Aloo gobi, aloo palak , bhindi or bharta 

Steamed rice

A small serving of Raita as a side dish

Chai tea with very little milk and sugar or sugar substitute, if any 

Choose Sparingly

Legume-based dishes such as dhal and rajma 

Patrani machhi, steamed fish marinated in vinegar and salt—high in sodium

Paneer, a soft cheese

Malai kofta made with potato—may be high in potassium

Fried breads

Creamy dishes such as korma, tikka masala and coconut curries 

Gulab jamun, kulfi or ras malai sweet desserts, which may be high in sugar and fat

Soups — Very high in sodium; may contain lentils or coconut milk

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