• Latin American Cuisine

  • Latin American Cuisine

Many Latin American foods can be high in potassium. But there are lots of great foods you can still enjoy, including grilled seafood and meat, empanadas and certain fruit-based desserts.

Healthier Choices

Grilled, steamed or poached seafood 

Roasted or grilled steak, pork or chicken

Brown or white rice

Vegetable and grain-based entrées

Paella made with seafood or chicken

Ceviche — fish that is “cooked” by acids of lime or lemon juice marinade (Check with your doctor or dietitian before consuming raw fish)

Mango, corn or cucumber salsas

Chimichurri sauce

Empanadas with meat, chicken, seafood or vegetable filling

Fresh fruit desserts - With fruits that are included in your meal plan

Choose Sparingly

Organ meats (heart, kidney, liver, sweetbreads, tripe and brains) are high in phosphorus, saturated fat and cholesterol

Legume dishes such as lentils, black beans and pigeon peas are high in potassium and phosphorus

Soups can be very high in sodium; black bean soup is high in potassium and phosphorus

Tomato and black bean salsa

Fried high-potassium vegetables such as plantains, tostones and yucca

Cheese bread

Flan, alfajores, suspiro, tres leches, milhojas, arroz con leche and brigadeiro

Check Your Food's Nutrients

Look up nutrient data for thousands of foods. See the ingredient list for brand name items to find phosphate additives.

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