• Mexican Cuisine

  • Mexican Cuisine

When it comes to Mexican cuisine, hold the cheese and beans as they can be higher in potassium and phosphorus. Go for kidney-friendly items such as grilled meats, ceviche, tortillas and more.

Healthier Choices

Burrito with beef, pork or chicken, rice and sour cream instead of whole pinto or black beans, cheese and salsa

Beef, pork, chicken or shrimp fajitas with vegetables and sour cream and minimal amounts of salsa

Taco salad or tacos - If you hold the cheese and beans

Tostada with vegetables and beef, pork, chicken or shrimp toppings without the beans and cheese

Ceviche - Fresh fish "cooked" in the acid of lime juice is high in protein and low in fat and calories (Check with your doctor or dietitian before consuming raw fish)

Seafood and fish dishes, not fried

Corn, flour or whole wheat tortillas

Sour cream instead of guacamole

Choose Sparingly

Tortilla chips - You can easily consume lots of fat and sodium without realizing it.

Tomato salsa adds potassium

Margaritas - A typical restaurant sized margarita can be more than 500 calories plus it adds potassium and fluid for those who are limited. Margaritas can contribute to high potassium and fluid intake. A salted rim can add over 1,000 mg sodium.

Refried beans, whole pinto and black beans - High in sodium, phosphorus and potassium

Cheese-based items such as quesadillas, nachos and cheese dip

Pozole soup, black bean soup and gazpacho,/p>

Papaya, guava, banana and avocado if limiting potassium

Check Your Food's Nutrients

Look up nutrient data for thousands of foods. See the ingredient list for brand name items to find phosphate additives.

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