Eight 4th of July Low-Potassium Desserts and Drinks for the Dialysis Diet

The beginning of summer and July 4th — baseball, apple pie, parades, lemonade, picnics and water sports are on the menu. Fresh local produce like strawberries, watermelon, fresh berries, corn, cucumbers, green beans and summer squash are in abundance and at the lowest price of the season. Plus , these low-potassium fruits and vegetables are great choices for a healthy kidney diet when consumed in controlled portions.

High potassium temptations such as cantaloupe, honeydew, nectarines and home-grown tomatoes mean "proceed with caution" for anyone on a low-potassium kidney diet.

Summertime brings another challenge to patients on fluid control and low-sodium restricted diets — increased thirst and how to control it. Thirst-quenching beverages and frozen treats can help satisfy without adding additional fluid weight when counted as part of your fluid allowance.

DaVita.com has the perfect collection of recipes for your summer get-togethers. Desserts and drinks that are low potassium, low phosphorus, low sodium but full of flavor and soothing for summer heat are included. Check out the kidney-friendly selections and start planning your summer fun!