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Supporting Your Hospital's Dedication to Quality Care

DaVita® is the first and only Joint Commission-accredited provider of inpatient kidney care and apheresis therapies.1 This selective accreditation recognizes that your kidney patients will receive superior quality care.

Ambulatory Health Care Accreditation helps improve standardization of clinical and operational processes related to the delivery of care, which can help your hospital:

Joint Commission Gold Seal
  • Continually enhance safety and quality of care
  • Systematically monitor and evaluate the delivery of care
  • Reinforce risk management efforts
  • Improve survey preparedness

Long-Standing Commitment to Quality

Accreditation is just one facet of DaVita's ongoing commitment to providing quality care to your patients. Our tradition of clinical excellence and continuous improvement has resulted in programs and initiatives that help enhance patient safety and quality care in your hospital.

Quality-Assurance Tracking

DaVita’s Acute Clinical Outcomes Indicators (ACOIs) capture and track quality and clinical metrics for each inpatient kidney care treatment. Our proprietary quality-assurance tool tracks 19 data points, including signs and symptoms of infection, safety metrics, pre-/post-treatment metrics and dialysis treatment goals.

ACOI metrics can be used as objective evidence to help:

  • Increase communication among caregivers, hospital partners, nephrologists and discharge planners regarding patient treatments
  • Understand the performance of a facility, as reported monthly and through month-over-month trend analysis
  • Maintain compliance with the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS), the Joint Commission and other regulatory agencies
  • Educate patients, caregivers and staff about end stage renal disease (ESRD), treatment modalities, diet and emotional considerations

Dedicated Quality Support

To help provide ongoing support for our hospital partners, DaVita created the Acute Clinical Services Specialist (ACSS) role--a position dedicated to improving patient safety and quality. The ACSS is your clinical partner in helping to:

  • Manage patient outcomes
  • Provide education on policy and procedures updates
  • Maintain survey preparedness by conducting rigorous internal audits and identifying opportunities for continued improvements in delivery of care

Find out how partnering with an accredited provider can help your hospital improve quality and patient safety. Email us at hospitals@davita.com or have someone contact you.

1Ambulatory Health Care Accreditation was based on a survey of 177 DaVita acute programs, which included Joint Commission-accredited hospitals and other hospitals permitting Joint Commission access for purposes of the survey process (a limited number of hospitals did not permit access).

First and Only Joint Commission Accredited Provider

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