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Acute Care Management and Discharge Planning

Patient PathwaysSM, a provider-neutral acute care management and discharge planning subsidiary of DaVita, offers hospitals specialized support in the care coordination of renal patients to help control costs and improve patient satisfaction.

With a selection of customized solutions, Patient Pathways provides hospitals with unbiased, onsite renal nurses and patient liaisons who specialize in the admission, complex case management, discharge and post-discharge care of patients with end stage renal disease (ESRD).

Renal patients comprise just 1% of all Medicare patients, yet account for nearly 10% of all Medicare costs.1

Renal patients account for the following issues for hospitals:

  • Nearly 20% of all Medicare readmissions2
  • Stay 0.7 days longer and cost $7,975 more per hospital admission when compared to all Medicare patients3
  • Average 1.8 hospitalizations per year, totaling 12 days1

As one of the most vulnerable and complex patient populations, renal patients require care coordination specific to their unique needs. Patient Pathways complements your existing hospital staff with renal experts who can help your hospital reduce readmissions, decrease length of stay and improve the quality of inpatient renal care.

Patient Pathways can reduce readmissions by 18% on average.4 Discover Patient Pathways' proven results in more than 350 hospitals nationwide. View results >>

For an analysis of your hospital's program and a strategy for managing the renal population to reduce readmissions and improve the quality of care, contact a Patient Pathways representative at patientpathways@davita.com.

Pathways Care Management, a Patient Pathways solution, is a 2014 Dorland Health Case in Point Platinum Award winner for “Best Case Management in Acute Settings.” Case in Point is a unique awards program recognizing the most successful and innovative care management programs working to improve healthcare.


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