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Proven Results in Reducing Readmissions and Improving Patient Care

Patient Pathways, an integrated acute care management and discharge planning program focused on the unique needs of renal patients, can deliver cost savings while improving the quality of inpatient renal care.

More than 350 hospital partners nationwide have achieved the following average results with Patient Pathways:1

  • 18% reduction in overall readmissions
  • Half-day reduction in length of stay per patient
  • 11% reduction in dialysis treatments per visit
  • 82% increase in patient engagement

Reduced Readmissions

One out of four renal patients will be readmitted within 30 days.2

With Patient Pathways, patients with end stage renal disease (ESRD) are simply better prepared for the outpatient setting. A better prepared patient results in:

  • 18% reduction in overall readmissions
  • 34% reduction in readmissions for same diagnosis-related group (DRG)

Patient Pathways helps patients achieve better adherence by providing education and information on their kidney disease, insurance options, diet and medication, outpatient treatment options and more. A post-discharge clinical follow-up also helps minimize the risk of readmissions in these high-risk patients.

Lower Length of Stay

Renal patients stay 0.7 days longer and cost $7,975 more per admissions when compared to all Medicare patients.3

Patient Pathways manages the transition to outpatient care by quickly placing renal patients at the dialysis provider of their choice, resulting in:

  • Half-day reduction in average length of stay per patient
  • 11% reduction in acute dialysis treatments per patient

Improve Patient Experience

Approximately three-quarters of chronically ill patients, such as those with ESRD, wouldn't need a return trip to the hospital if they had a plan for follow-up care.4

Helping patients achieve peace of mind when making life-changing healthcare decisions leads to higher patient satisfaction and increased patient engagement in their own health outcomes. Patient Pathways provides support to patients and their families during the transition to outpatient care.

Patient Pathways impacts patient and hospital satisfaction results:

  • 82% of patients were more involved in their own care
  • Scored 9.5 out of 10 in patient experience
  • 93% would choose the same hospital again as a result of their dialysis care

For an analysis of your hospital's program and a strategy for managing the renal population to reduce readmissions and improve the quality of care, contact a representative at patientpathways@davita.com or have someone contact you.

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