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The average hospital saves 34% per dialysis treatment with DaVita®

How much is your hospital paying for renal care?

Providing dialysis and caring for patients with kidney disease can be a costly venture. In fact, the average kidney patient costs $2,607 more per admission and stays 0.6 days longer than a non-renal patient. These figures plus the cost of machines, drugs, supplies and labor can make the real cost of providing dialysis very difficult to track for most hospitals.

DaVita has extensive experience in helping our 900+ hospital partners track and more importantly, manage the cost of their inpatient dialysis programs while also improving the quality of renal patient care.

Use the inpatient dialysis cost management tool below to see just how much your organization is spending on dialysis services.

Learn more about DaVita’s inpatient dialysis solutions. Or to speak with a local representative in your area, email hospitals@davita.com or contact us.

SOURCE: United States Renal Data Service (comprehensive clinical and financial dataset reported to CMS). Includes ~375,000 ESRD and ~300,000 Stage 4 CKD patients. Length of Stay from CMS Medicare Data (2010). Cost per admission calculated from MedPar data (2011), Advisory Board: Medicare Financial Benchmark Tool; Kaiser Family Foundation 2010 Hospital Adjusted Expenses Report

In-house Dialysis Cost Calculator
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