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Enhance Your Nursing Staff’s Renal Care Skills with Training from DaVita

Dialysis patients—who commonly have multiple comorbid conditions—may require other treatments when admitted. DaVita® can provide your nurses with educational and CEU programs aimed at increasing their ability to improve the overall care of renal patients.

As part of your hospital’s continuous quality improvement program, DaVita’s training programs can help ensure that your team is comfortable and educated with the care DaVita provides to your facility.

DaVita’s training programs have been widely accepted by our 900+ hospital partners because of the positive effects of coordinating renal patient care:

  • Increase collaboration with DaVita clinical staff and Nephrologists
  • Help your clinical staff better understand the unique needs of ESRD patients
  • Increase awareness of the various treatment modalities DaVita provides
  • Improve continuum of care for renal patients

As your hospital prepares to deliver continuous renal replacement therapy (CRRT) treatments, the DaVita team will provide a formal training program for your hospital staff to educate them on the unique needs of these patients and the special care they require.

DaVita can also deliver local training for nurses who care for apheresis and peritoneal dialysis patients.

Visit Treatment Options to learn more about the full range of acute dialysis therapies that DaVita Hospital Services provides.

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