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Patient Support

When choosing a dialysis provider, patients want to know that they’ll be supported across the spectrum of their health. DaVita’s wealth of patient support services allows us to work with our physician partners to treat the entire patient, not just their kidney disease. From modality choices, to travel assistance and emergency services, discover the many ways we support your patients.

Prescription Delivery 
Some patients may find that managing their kidney disease prescriptions is a challenge. DaVita RxSM is a full-service pharmacy specializing in kidney care. Services include no-cost delivery of all medications, refill reminders and more, for both patients and providers.

At DaVita®, patients have numerous choices to suit their lifestyle. DaVita’s world-class leadership in home modality options and more than 1,600 dialysis centers nationwide provides patients with great flexibility in determining where, when and how they dialyze.

Disease Management & Integrated Care 
Using an integrated care management approach, VillageHealth® is dedicated to improving the lives of kidney disease patients by:

  • Coordinating care with the patient, physician(s) and provider
  • Educating and engaging patients to take an active role in their health care
  • Providing a patient-centric approach to care backed by proven results

Emergency Services 
DaVita patients can count on DaVita Guest Services to provide emergency assistance when a natural disaster or severe weather strikes. DaVita Guest Services also provides patients with permanent dialysis center placements and arranges treatments for patients who want to travel.

DaVita Tools 
DaVita knows that navigating a kidney-friendly diet may be challenging for some patients. That’s why we developed one-of-kind tools for people on the kidney diet. DaVita patients have access to:

  • DaVita Diet Helper™
  • Phosphorus Challenge™
  • Food Analyzer

Education Classes 
DaVita's Kidney Smart℠ CKD education program offers instructor-led classes in neighborhoods across the country. These classes are offered to help empower people with kidney disease to learn all they can about staying healthy and taking control of their condition.

Travel Support 
Just because a person is on dialysis doesn’t mean their travel days are over. DaVita helps patients schedule their treatments when they’re on vacation. Patients can also call DaVita Guest Services anytime at 1-800-244-0680 to get started.

Insurance & Financial Management Support 
When patients need dialysis, they’ll want to understand their insurance options. DaVita provides information about insurance plans, how to receive financial assistance and more.

My DaVita 
My DaVita is a new way to experience DaVita.com. A My DaVita Web Account is available at no cost and easy to use. My DaVita allows you to:

  • Save your favorite kidney-friendly recipes
  • Bookmark articles
  • Create a profile (optional)
  • Connect with others (optional)
  • Access interactive tools
  • Look over what’s new on DaVita.com
  • Manage your e-newsletters

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