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Integrated Outpatient Dialysis Solutions

Hospital partners rely on the inpatient services from DaVita®, but we also partner with hospitals in the outpatient setting. Our continuity of care for our partner’s patients and integrated approach to kidney care are reasons for considering an alignment with DaVita.

Some strategic benefits of adding outpatient services to your offerings may include:

  • Expanding the hospital’s impact in the community
  • Attracting and retaining quality physicians
  • Providing a continuum of care to patients
  • Enhancing and expanding care delivery networks
  • Creating or diversifying revenue
  • Lowering overall patient care costs
  • Improving patient outcomes*

For more information on the potential benefits and risks of partnerships with our outpatient centers, email us at hospitals@davita.com or have someone contact you.

*Subject to the interaction and recommended review by each party.

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