• DaVita International

    DaVita® is committed to elevating the health and quality of life for patients around the world. We are continuing to improve access to and quality of health care globally with operations in 10 countries.

  • DaVita International

    DaVita® is committed to elevating the health and quality of life for patients around the world. We are continuing to improve access to and quality of health care globally with operations in 10 countries.

When it comes to partnering with a dialysis provider, you want to know that you are choosing one that will enable you to achieve superior care for your patients. From industry-leading clinical outcomes and educational tools to physician support, you can find this at DaVita.

DaVita International

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Large urban bridge in Brazil

DaVita arrived in Brazil in 2015 with the goal of partnering with physicians and their care teams to improve the quality of care in the country. Through this coordination, we have opened clinics across the country and are working to improve outcomes and quality of life for our patients, as well as kidney disease awareness for the community.

Contact: Miguel Calmon

Email: Miguel.Calmon@davita.com

Learn more about DaVita in Brazil.


DaVita Chile comprises 1,200 teammates caring for 5,500 patients throughout the country. As the largest private kidney care provider in Chile, DaVita looks forward to continuing to improve access to world-class care for Chilean patients and providing a unique and special care experience.

Contact: Rodrigo Fernandez

Email: Rodrigo.Fernandez.V@davita.com

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DaVita is providing integrated kidney care services in China in both clinics and hospitals. Leveraging decades of experience and working closely with our partners, physicians and care teams, we are raising awareness for kidney disease and improving the level of care, patient outcomes and satisfaction, and our patient’s quality of life.

Contact: Joseph Soon

Email: joseph.soon@davita.com

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DaVita offers kidney care services across Colombia. With the application of proven clinical programs—from infection management and catheter removal to fluid management—we are helping improve patient outcomes. We have also successfully extended our care to patients in remote areas of the country through the implementation of teledialysis, a way for physicians to connect over WiFi to get live patient data and advise on treatment.

Contact: Alfonso Bunch

Email: Alfonso.Bunch@davita.com

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Ancient building with columns in Germany

DaVita Medical Group is a leading physician network that provides coordinated care to patients across Germany. Our physician-led community focuses on and strives for improved clinical outcomes, better patient experiences, more fulfilling clinician experiences and creating a great work environment. Given our strong physician network and cooperating partners, we are able to provide high-quality care with specific focus on seamless transitions of care, individualized care plans and excellent medical outcomes.

Contact: DaVita Team

Email: Info.Deutschland@davita.com

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DaVita, the largest private provider of kidney care in Malaysia, is committed to delivering quality care. Our dedication to our patients, improving outcomes and providing excellent care led to our recognition as the first stand-alone dialysis center in Malaysia to receive a four-year accreditation in chronic dialysis treatment from the Malaysian Society for Quality in Health.

Contact: Chris Koh

Email: PaoKuen.Koh@davita.com

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Statue and tall cathedral in Poland

DaVita’s clinical leaders and care teams across Poland have been improving patient’s quality of life through clinical initiatives to lower hospitalizations and mortality and improve the patient experience.

Contact: Krzysztof Hurkacz

Email: Krzysztof.Hurkacz@davita.com

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DaVita is committed to providing excellent care to help improve the lives of our patients in Portugal. We are invested in finding the best treatment plan for each of our patients as it heavily influences their outcomes and quality of life. Our physicians have implemented online hemodiafiltration, which has helped improve the adequacy of treatment resulting in significant reduction of phosphorus levels.

Contact: Paulo Dinis

Email: Paulo.Dinis@davita.com

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Saudi Arabia


DaVita is providing kidney care services on behalf of the Ministry of Health in Saudi Arabia, focused on improving patient outcomes and satisfaction, while reducing the total cost of health care by reducing hospitalizations, improving access to care, and investing in training and developing the next generation of Saudi health care leaders to continue delivering quality care to patients.

Contact: Sabri Sabri

Email: Sabri.Sabri@davita.com

Learn more about DaVita in Saudi Arabia.


DaVita Singapore, a subsidiary of DaVita, is committed to providing quality care to patients in Singapore. Adopting a value-based, outcome-led approach in our provision of integrated renal care program, we strive to play an active role in ensuring accessible and sustainable care in Singapore’s healthcare ecosystem. We are on the lookout to outdo ourselves, and on a journey of continuous improvement on care accessibility, affordability and assurance of quality.

Contact: DaVita Singapore

Email: Enquiries.sg@davita.com

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United Kingdom

DaVita UK, part of the DaVita International Group, is one of the largest dialysis providers in the country and we are committed to putting patients first and achieving high-quality outcomes with a nursing-led approach. We are invested in remaining at the forefront of innovation in the management of end stage kidney disease and improving care accessibility in the United Kingdom.

Contact: Jose Luis Almeida

Email: jose.almeida@davita.com

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International Management Team

DaVita International's management team provides strategic support to thousands of teammates outside of the U.S. who are committed to improving patients' quality of life.

Contact: Doug MacDougall

Email: Doug.MacDougall@davita.com

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