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Swimming on Peritoneal Dialysis: Roger's Story

It's been said that swimming and peritoneal dialysis (PD) don't usually mix. Roger Olivares, a PD patient, thinks differently. Read how he continues to enjoy his favorite activity nearly every day.

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Adjusting to Life on Dialysis

When it comes to kidney care and making the transition to dialysis, sticking with your medications and following a kidney-friendly diet can make all the difference in how you feel. Find out more about how you can adjust to life on dialysis.

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Manage Your Health in 2013: The DaVita Health Portal™

Looking for new ways to manage your kidney health in the new year? DaVita® patient Stanley did just that, and so can you. Learn how the DaVita Health Portal can help you take control of  your kidney health.

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Five Summertime Activities for People on Dialysis

There is no shortage of fun summertime activities, so we narrowed it down to the top five for dialysis patients. From family “staycations” to barbecuing with friends, read how you can enjoy a variety of activities during the warm months.

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Anxiety and Dialysis

When you think about dialysis, is it more than butterflies in the belly? Do you begin to feel overwhelmed by the thought of treating your end stage renal disease (ESRD) and everything else that comes with it? If so, you may be experiencing anxiety. DaVita social worker Rob Ross gives an overview of anxiety, its symptoms and how to treat it.

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What is Respite Care?

Care partners for people with chronic kidney disease (CKD) wear many hats when it comes to taking care of a loved one. Tending to the needs of someone on dialysis in addition to going about their own daily obligations is typical for many primary care partners. If you’re a care partner, learn how respite care makes it possible for you to receive help when you need a break.

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Pregnancy and kidney dialysis

Many women with chronic kidney disease who are at end stage renal disease wonder how dialysis will affect their ability to have children. While pregnancy is sometimes not possible and generally not recommended for dialysis patients, some women on dialysis have gotten pregnant and delivered healthy babies. Learn the facts and statistics on pregnancy and kidney dialysis.

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Political advocacy and chronic kidney disease

Even if you don’t consider yourself to be a political person, it is helpful to understand how important political advocacy is for people with chronic kidney disease and the kidney care community. Find out how politicians affect the care you get in your dialysis center and how easy it is to let your local representative know what you need.

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Indoor exercises for people on dialysis

Getting exercise is important for people with chronic kidney disease (CKD) and those on dialysis. But sometimes the weather may stop you from doing the daily physical activities you need. Don’t let bad weather prevent you from working on your overall health. Learn about indoor exercises you can do as a dialysis patient.

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Gift-giving guide for dialysis patients

People with kidney disease who are on dialysis need certain things to help them with their health condition. What better way to assist than with a gift? Here is a gift guide to help you get something special for the dialysis patient in your life.

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Exercise for dialysis patients - Of course, you can exercise

Many people with chronic kidney disease (CKD) say exercise was the key to helping them feel “normal” again after they began dialysis. Learn how exercise can help people with kidney disease feel better physically and more in control of their lives emotionally.

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Why is it cold at dialysis centers?

Do you ever feel like you have entered an igloo when you visit your dialysis center? If you are a dialysis patient who gets treatments in center, you may have felt the temperature inside is unusually cold. Find out why dialysis centers may have a tendency to be cold and how you can make your dialysis visits more comfortable.

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Renal osteodystrophy — bone disease and kidney failure

It may sound odd to hear that kidney disease can lead to bone disease; however, 90 percent of those on dialysis and many with chronic kidney disease have renal osteodystrophy. Healthy kidneys maintain levels of calcium and phosphorus and activate vitamin D, which keeps bones healthy and strong. When kidneys are no longer able to maintain the balance of these minerals and activate vitamin D, this can lead to renal osteodystrophy. Using a combination of diet, dialysis and medicines, you may help prevent bone disease. Learn more about bone and mineral metabolism, renal osteodystrophy, how it is treated and how you can help keep your bones healthy and strong.

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Some physical side effects of dialysis and how to prevent them

Patients rely on dialysis to make them feel better. Sometimes there are side effects of dialysis that can make them feel worse. Learn about the side effects and how they can be managed or even prevented. 

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Skin problems and dialysis

Some people with kidney disease who are on dialysis experience skin problems such as itchiness, dryness and/or discolorations. Learn about how renal failure causes each condition, what to do for it and how to help your skin stay as healthy as possible.

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When your child or parent must undergo dialysis

Caregivers for the young and elderly dialysis patients experience a variety of feelings and emotions. It is important for caregivers to learn as much as they can about the dialysis process and talk to others who share the same responsibilities.

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Volunteering to help CKD patients

Ever wonder how you can make a happy difference in the life of someone with chronic kidney disease (CKD)? You can volunteer to help dialysis patients by giving rides to and from the dialysis center, lending a hand when needed, making kidney-friendly meals, and simply spending time together. There are many ways you can help make life easier for kidney disease patients and get involved with the kidney care community in your area. Find out about easy and rewarding ways to volunteer.


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Staying on dialysis the full time

Dr. Domoto is a distinguished DaVita nephrologist, a lawyer and now guest author for He explains the importance of staying on dialysis for the full treatment time. His easy-to-understand writing style has a lot of helpful information.

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Support for people on dialysis and their loved ones

People on dialysis have unique issues to deal with both physically and emotionally. In addition, family members and care partners must also embrace life changes once a loved one is diagnosed with end stage renal disease. Here are ways people on dialysis and their loved ones can find support.

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Lifestyle changes on dialysis

People with end stage renal disease who must begin dialysis to treat kidney failure will experience many lifestyle changes. However, people with chronic kidney disease can still enjoy a good quality of life. By learning about changes happening to the body, medications and nutritional needs, people with kidney disease can know what to expect to help make the lifestyle transition easier.

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How will I feel on dialysis?

Many people with kidney failure who are told they need to start dialysis are unsure of what to expect. It is common to want to know if dialysis hurts or when the treatment will begin to help the chronic kidney disease patient feel better. Learn the answers to these questions and others asked by people before they begin dialysis.

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