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    DaVita works continuously to innovate evidence-based clinical approaches and frameworks to meet the needs of our patients and the clinicians who help care for them.

DaVita works continuously to innovate evidence-based clinical approaches and frameworks to meet the needs of our patients and the clinicians who help care for them.

DaVita Patient-Focused Quality Pyramid

The extensive tools and initiatives built into the DaVita Patient-Focused Quality Pyramid (published in Seminars in Dialysis, 2016) support physicians in focusing on generating optimal clinical outcomes and enhanced patient quality of life. The pyramid serves as a framework for physicians to address the complex factors that affect patients, such as mortality, hospitalizations and the patient experience.

  • The Fundamentals involve key clinical metrics that we work continuously to achieve for every patient as a foundation for their health.
  • Our Complex Programs— as part of an integrated, patient-centered care approach— are designed to keep patients healthy and out of the hospital.
  • We measure the effectiveness of our complex programs through decreased hospitalizations, improved survival and a great patient experience.
  • From this clinical foundation we aim to realize a better health-related quality of life for our patients, in which they can enjoy more special moments in their lives and with their loved ones.
DaVita Patient Focused Quality Pyramid

Approaches to Helping Reduce Hospitalizations for High-Risk Patients

Numerous studies have shown that a small percentage of dialysis patients lead to a disproportionate percentage of overall hospitalizations. Listen to this podcast, in which Carrie Chamblin, RN, interviews Francesca Tentori, MD, on the importance of identifying these high-risk patients and ways to address their needs to improve clinical outcomes and reduce hospitalizations.

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Integrated Kidney Care

The additional care coordination and actionable data provided in DaVita's integrated care programs enable physicians to drive better clinical outcomes for their patients.

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Commitment to
Home Dialysis

With DaVita's home education and technology resources, nephrologists can confidently recommend home dialysis to more of their patients and align with government and provider goals to increase PD penetration.

Treatment Options

DaVita provides treatment options and transplant support to accommodate your patients' personal needs.

In-Center Hemodialysis

Many patients need, or prefer to receive, in-center dialysis because of the high level of interaction and support they receive from the dialysis team.

Peritoneal Dialysis

PD may improve outcomes, including longer survival, reduced hospitalizations and morbidities, and lower costs compared with in-center dialysis.

Home Hemodialysis

HHD may result in better blood pressure control, fewer medications, better transplant outcomes, improved sleep and shorter recovery times.

In-Center Nocturnal Hemodialysis

This therapy is performed overnight three times per week and can offer patients lifestyle and clinical benefits with its longer, gentler treatment times.

Kidney Transplant


Transplants are associated with long-term positive outcomes, and DaVita aims to support every eligible kidney patient with getting a transplant.

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