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Integrated Care

 Integrated Care

DaVita provides more than dialysis. We identify ways to serve the whole patient and create the best services and comprehensive care to meet their needs.

DaVita RXSM – For example, we understand that it may be difficult for dialysis patients to get their prescriptions filled, which is why we created DaVita Rx, a full-service pharmacy specializing in renal care that delivers prescriptions to your patients’ homes or dialysis centers.

DaVita Labs – For busy physicians, there is DaVita Labs, two state-of-the-art clinical laboratories that serve DaVita centers as well as other dialysis centers and hospitals nationwide. Each laboratory sets the bar for efficiency and accuracy in managing clinical and operational outcomes for ESRD patients, nephrologists and clinicians. DaVita Labs turn around results within 24 hours and communicate critical lab results immediately.

– VillageHealth is comprised of nurses and healthcare professionals dedicated to providing integrated care management for people with kidney disease. VillageHealth provides services to help improve the lives of patients by working with them to help prevent complications, reduce the number of avoidable hospitalizations and improve overall health.

Lifeline Vascular Access
® – Lifeline Vascular Access provides vascular access management services across the country with three times as many centers as the next largest provider.

HomeChoice PartnersSM – As one of the nation’s premier providers of high-tech specialty infusion therapies, HomeChoice Partners is providing a comprehensive array of therapies and disease management programs specific to the pediatric, adult and geriatric populations across all diagnoses that require intravenous medication support. 

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