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Clinical Outcomes

Patient care at DaVita begins with consistent and positive clinical outcomes.

 Decreased mortality rates by 28% since 2001Improved catheter rates by 46% since 2007DaVita improved use of fistulas by 102% since 2002

 DaVita improved dialysis adequacy by 76% since 2002DaVita vaccinated more than 91% of patients for influenza and pneumonia since 201191% of DaVita patients are satisfied with the quality of care they receive

In coordination with our physician partners, we have improved clinical outcomes each year since 2000.1 DaVita’s Patient-Focused Quality Pyramid stands as a strategic framework for the continued delivery of outstanding clinical outcomes that help improve patients’ quality of life. Take a look at our clinical outcomes to date.

  • In 2013, DaVita reached a gross mortality rate of 13.7 percent, the lowest rate ever.1
  • The national Q1 2012 average for fistulas in use is 60.4 percent. During the same time period, DaVita achieved a fistula rate of 63.9 percent. Our 2013 fistula rate is 65.3 percent.2
  • DaVita’s Medicare ESRD Quality Incentive Program results are considered to be the best or among the best in every category.3
  • DaVita received the Renal Physicians Association’s 2013 Patient Safety Improvement Award award for exceptional success in reducing fistula and graft thromboses, the leading cause of reversion to infection-prone catheters.
  • DaVita Rx patients have a 21 percent lower risk of death and spend 14 percent fewer days in the hospital when compared to kidney care patients using other pharmacies.4
  • Patients with advanced CKD who are in a VillageHealth® integrated care management program generally experience slower progression to dialysis, more outpatient than inpatient dialysis starts and a higher likelihood of having a fistula in place on the first day of dialysis.5

Learn more about DaVita’s clinical innovation that supports our physician partners in their delivery of high-quality care.

Sources: [1] DaVita internal clinical data, 2000-2013. Patient satisfaction: 2014 ICH-CAHPS Survey; ~57,000 DaVita patient responses. [2] DaVita internal clinical data, 2012-2013. Fistula First Prevalent AVF Use Rate by Network, April 2012 (most recent national data). [3] 2013 QIP Performance Score Report. Results dependent on 2011 performance. [4] Am J Kidney Dis. 2013 Sep; 62(3):557-67. doi: 10.1053/j.ajkd.2013.02.360. Epub 2013 Apr 16. [5] VillageHealth internal data.

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