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Kidney Care Education Resources

Online Tools and Education for Patients and Kidney Care Providers

The first step in DaVita’s integrated care model is providing comprehensive educational information about chronic kidney disease (CKD). As a physician, you understand the importance of education in helping your patients become involved in their treatment so that they can make informed decisions about their health.

Physicians and patients can access a wide range of DaVita’s educational resources and chronic disease management tools that address the physical, emotional and financial needs of kidney disease while enabling patients to lead their best lives.

Kidney SmartSM: Through instructor-led or online classes, Kidney Smart gives people with CKD who have not yet started dialysis the information they need to make healthy choices and slow the progression of their disease—all at no cost to them.

myDaVita.com: Kidney care patients can connect with caregivers and fellow patients for friendship and support on myDaVita.com, a robust social networking component of DaVita.com.

DaVita Health PortalTM: DaVita dialysis patients can take control of their health with online access of their lab results, health records, medications, insurance information and more through the DaVita Health Portal.

DaVita Diet HelperTM: With more than 800 kidney-friendly recipes, diet tips, shopping lists and more, the DaVita Diet Helper makes it easy for patients to plan, prepare and track their meals online.

YourKidneys.com: YourKidneys.com is a user-friendly website that answers questions and provides a community to patients newly diagnosed with CKD.

Additionally, physicians can use NephLink.com to share insights, request feedback from the nephrology community and engage with colleagues on hot topics, breaking news and the latest industry research.

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