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Manage Complications

Programs that Help Kidney Care Providers Improve Patient Care and Minimize Hospitalizations

As components of DaVita’s integrated care approach, patient engagement and education, catheter reduction and high vaccination rates all contribute to fewer complications for the patient—which results in fewer hospitalizations and reduced costs. Additionally, physicians have access to DaVita’s prescription drug program, clinical laboratory and industry-leading research to improve patient care and reduce unnecessary hospitalizations.

DaVita RxSM: The first and largest renal pharmacy, DaVita Rx improves patients’ access to medications and gives clinicians information that allows for better patient care. DaVita Rx patients have medication adherence rates greater than 80 percent, nearly double that of patients who fill their prescriptions elsewhere, and are correlated with 40 percent fewer hospitalizations*.

DaVita Labs: DaVita Labs is a state-of-the-art clinical laboratory serving the chronic kidney disease market by offering physicians a comprehensive range of services to support patient care from diagnosis through progression to dialysis.

DaVita Clinical Research® (DCR®): DCR is a collaborative research community dedicated to advancing the knowledge and practice of kidney care. DCR’s extensive array of data points, clinical trials and publications gives physicians easy access to critical CKD and ESRD clinical data.

* Data is correlated based on a two-year study: National Retailers sample (198), Independents sample (83) and Rx sample (42). Results statistically significant at the p>.01 level.

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