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Is a Medical Directorship Right for You?

Join your colleagues as a leader in kidney care

Becoming a DaVita medical director puts you in a position to impact patient care and quality of life on a larger scale as the leader of a dialysis facility. As a medical director, you are held accountable for the clinical outcomes and patient care delivered at your facility as well as the quality, safety, staff training and education, and policies and procedures.

DaVita believes that strong, quality leadership can improve the lives of patients by facilitating better patient care. Medical directors can stimulate superior clinical outcomes through effective leadership and higher standards. You will have access to DaVita’s clinical leadership team, the support of the group medical directors in your area and the opportunity to network with other physician leaders to improve your stature and standing among peers and in the community.

As a medical director, it is important that you have practice autonomy but also the support to drive growth and clinical outcomes. Improve the lives of patients with kidney disease by partnering by with a team that has more than 13 years of industry-leading outcomes.

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