My First 5 Years as a Medical Director

"From the very beginning, I was impressed by the leadership at DaVita. DaVita was very different than other corporations in that they were very focused on team building and compassionate care, not only for patients but teammates as well.

DaVita gives us enough independence to function as medical directors.

DaVita support is essential for any medical director to carry out their duties. DaVita has taken an active role in determining the effects of bundling and communicating those effects company-wide so that we can be proactive rather than reactive.

The concept of team building is a great concept because no one can function alone. In other words, the concept of interdependence is well understood at DaVita and the leadership makes every effort in building the cooperation among all of the citizens of its "Village."

There's always someone that I can talk to. Anytime that I have a concern someone from the Office of the Chief Medical Officer calls me immediately. They listen, they give me great feedback; I am grateful for that support. Their support is immediate and collegial, I can't say enough about that."

By Ehsan Shahmir  Medical Director, Solano Kidney Care