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Partnership Opportunities

Medical Directors

As a world-class provider of dialysis care, DaVita is constantly searching for highly qualified clinical leaders for our clinics. Our purpose and objective to engage highly qualified medical directors is to promote the relentless pursuit of quality for all of our patients. And we believe if our philosophies and goals are aligned with our medical directors—we can achieve that mission. Learn more about being a DaVita medical director>> 

Joint Ventures

DaVita prides itself on being the “Partner of Choice” and is the most experienced joint venture partner in the industry. DaVita has a unique focus on our physician partners as well as our integrated clinical and business systems. Learn more forming a Joint Venture partnership with DaVita>>  

Vascular Access

Physicians know that for kidney disease patients, their vascular access is their lifeline, and maintaining the health and longevity of that access is critical. Lifeline Vascular Access® strives to improve the delivery of interventional vascular access care through the management of dedicated outpatient centers. Learn more about Lifeline Vascular Access>>

Clinical Research

Continual improvements are being made in the field of kidney care, thanks in part to the efforts of nephrologists and their research partners. Each year, hundreds of physicians collaborate with DaVita Clinical Research® (DCR®) to carry out research studies. Learn more about DaVita Clinical Research>> 


For physicians interested in a spin-off non-core business, or the sale of some or all of the practice or its assets, DaVita® has a variety of options. Learn more about Acquisitions>> 

Accountable Care Organizations (ACOs)

As the implementation of healthcare reform progresses, it is more important than ever for the kidney care community to work together to ensure optimal outcomes for our patients. To that end, DaVita® created the Accountable Kidney Care Collaborative (AKCC). This voluntary group explores how nephrologists can succeed in the world of accountable healthcare delivery. Learn more about ACOs >> 

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