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Joint Ventures

Joint Ventures

DaVita® works with our joint venture (JV) physicians to create world-class dialysis centers together. As a JV partner, you'll have the opportunity to experience the business and clinical operations of a dialysis center as you join a team with more than a decade of improved clinical outcomes.*

Experience leadership on a local level and explore the benefits of a joint venture partnership with DaVita. These benefits include the ability to share in the risks, rewards and responsibilities of operating a dialysis center. The partners of a JV participate in DaVita’s award-winning teammate development and retention and have access to industry-leading clinical initiatives and research that help drive improved outcomes. Partners also work to ensure a long-term commitment to quality dialysis services in the area.

JVs are typically structured as Limited Liability Companies (LLCs) and are governed by an Operating Agreement and Management Services Agreement.

  • The Operating Agreement is a legal document that outlines the structure of the JVs and discusses various governance issues. It also describes the process behind capital contributions and distributions. Typically, an Operating Agreement will contain a non-compete/non-solicit covenant, as well as various purchase and transfer rights for the partners.
  • The Management Services Agreement outlines DaVita’s role as the Contractual Manager of the facility, and describes the various roles and responsibilities that DaVita must perform in this role. Typical services that DaVita provides include accounting, billing and collections, clinical education, compliance oversight, recruiting, payor contracting, purchasing and quality management.

It is important to note that the business purpose of a dialysis JV is to identify a partner with a commitment to creating an outstanding operation, the capability to help do so and the resources to drive growth for the center.

Interested in a joint venture partnership with DaVita? Email us at physicians@davita.com.

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*DaVita internal data.

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