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    Whether you have or want to build a dialysis clinic, partner with DaVita for operational support, risk mitigation and possible financial gain.

Whether you have or want to build a dialysis clinic, partner with DaVita for operational support, risk mitigation and possible financial gain.

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Optimize timing

Optimize timing

Consider selling your dialysis clinic now to meet timely personal finance needs, such as college tuition.

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Mitigate risk

Mitigate risk

Mitigate the many company-specific and industry conditions that could put your business at risk while enjoying the upside potential in your business.

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Plan your financial future

Plan your financial future

Obtain capital to meet personal cash needs, invest in other business ventures and create a diversified investment portfolio.

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Operational support

Operational support

Gain valuable time to focus on patients and other personal priorities with DaVita's operational support.

Realize synergies

Realize synergies

Build clinical expertise and integrated team capabilities while enjoying the financial benefits of DaVita's partnership.

Maintain care team

Maintain care team

Keep your care team intact at the clinic and expand their knowledge and skills through additional DaVita training.

Achieve Improved Clinical Outcomes

DaVita's operational support within a full acquisition can give you valuable time to focus on your patients and improve clinical results.


of acquired centers saw a positive change from penalty to non-penalty status1


decrease in central venous catheter rates2


improvement in hemodialysis adequacy3

Open a New Clinic with DaVita

Open a new a clinic with DaVita to experience the following possible benefits.

Achieve high-quality clinical outcomes. Use your expertise to provide optimal patient care while gaining access to the latest clinical data from DaVita.

Receive operational support. Free your time for patient care and receive support from DaVita in day-to-day operations.

Opportunity to experience financial upside of partial ownership. Leverage DaVita’s supply contracts, which are attractive due to our high-quality outcomes, experience and operational capabilities.

Prepare for your future. Investing in a dialysis clinic with DaVita may diversify your investments and help secure wealth.

Increasing Partnerships and Growth

DaVita more than doubled our number of joint venture centers from 2008 to 2018. This points to our experience as a trusted partner that is prepared to provide operational support and free nephrologists' time for patients.

Joint venture center growth
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Nephrology Practice Solutions

Nephrology Practice Solutions (NPS) aims to help nephrology practices operate more efficiently and improve clinical care. Our nephrology-specific business solutions include coding review, credentialing, consulting (including practice assessments, practice mergers and acquisitions), collections and recruiting.

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