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Online Reputation Management and Patient Acquisition

Patient Acquisition and Website Management

As a nephrologist, you are busy caring for your patients and optimizing clinical outcomes for them. Though you may not have time to think about how to grow your practice, increase your referrals and manage your online reputation, these are the cornerstones of building your practice.

Nephrology Growth Solutions, which is offered by Balihoo, with which DaVita has a contract, includes the tools you need to efficiently and effectively build and manage your local online presence and reputation. The solution has been successfully launched at 10 practices between April and August 2011 and is now available to any credentialed physician.

SPECIAL LAUNCH OFFER! For a limited time, receive a complimentary Search Engine and Directory Audit, highlighting practice’s online reputation and presence, as well as opportunities to take control of your reputation, improve your presence, and attract new patients.

To register for this complimentary audit, visit BalihooNephrology.com.

Nephrology Growth Solutions equips your practice with the tools, resources and strategies to take control of your online presence, reputation and growth strategy.  This includes:

  • A professional and tailored website with automatic, quarterly updates, search engine optimization, and access to simple management tools for quick updates.
  • Kidney education microsites designed for doctors and practices with existing websites to enhance your current site and search engine results through quarterly content updates.
  • Search engine management includes registration in top local search engine pages, audits of prominent healthcare directory profiles and optional pay-per-click set up and management.
  • Online reputation monitoring and monthly analytics reports on directory changes and ratings, website and marketing analytics, and tips for improving online presence.
  • Customizable communication tools, including nephrology-specific quarterly patient email and print newsletters, quarterly newsletters appropriate for referring physicians, email templates, a library of kidney education sheets, and centralized management of contact lists. 
  • Additional tools and services to help strengthen nephrologists’ online presence and engage regularly with prospective patients, current patients and referring physicians.

If you are interested in growing your patient base, your referrals and your online reputation, visit BalihooNephrology.com or get more information.

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